Planning Services

Have you mapped out and addressed your responsibilities for financial obligations and future goals, including those for your spouse, children, and other commitments? Individual planning and insurance services will review your current context, set goals for the future, and deliver an action plan.

  • MMA individual services include:
    • Risk Analysis
    • Asset Management
  • Types of Insurance
    • Life Insurance
    • Disability Income Protection
    • Long Term Care Insurance
    • Deferred Compensation
    • Retirement resources
  • Specialized Services for Medical Residents and Fellows
    • Transition to from Training to Practice
    • Debt Management
    • Affinity
    • House Staff Benefits

Disability Insurance

  • Your income is your most valuable asset.
    • Your income sustains your current lifestyle and enables you to reach your future financial goals.
    • Insurance planning starts with careful assessment of your personalized risk profile. After completing your profile, we provide you with feedback and an action plan, including options to transfer risk.
  • Disability Insurance protects your income if you become sick or hurt and experience a loss of income.
  • For highly trained and specialized jobs, such as physicians, Own Occupation coverage is the only type of coverage that protects your income AND education.
    • In the event of a partial or total disability, own occupation coverage can provide you with income regardless of continued salary from your job or benefits from your employer.
  • Some of our service offerings:
    • Affinity Discount Programs
    • Unisex Rates save Females 40-45% and Males 10-15%
      • This often means more than $25,000 in savings over the life of the policy
    • Conversion from Group LTD
    • Guaranteed-Issue Programs
      • This means no health questions or financial underwriting to qualify for coverage
    • Simplified Underwriting
    • Impaired Risk Solutions
    • High-Income Executive Coverage
    • Educational Seminars and Webinars
  • Businesses and Medical Practices
    • Coverage to protect your business or practice in the event of revenue interruption due to disability
    • Business Overhead Expense protection
    • Disability Buy-Out coverage

Life Insurance

  • Life insurance protects the financial security of your spouse, your family, and your business.
  • Our service offerings include:
    • Term Insurance
    • Permanent Insurance
    • Simplified Underwriting Process
    • Future conversion with no medical underwriting
    • Supplemental Retirement Income
  • Businesses and Medical Practices
    • Key Person Coverage to protect your business in case of loss of executives or primary revenue generating employees
    • Buy-Sell funding

Long Term Care

  • This video is very informative and might even be surprising.  The value of Long Term Care insurance is clear when the need and cost of care is accurately understood.
  • Challenges of Caregiving
    • For most people, long-term care for a spouse or parent, for example, is a gradual process. Caretaking responsibilities grow to the point that they eventually become daily routine.
    • Transferring care to a service or care facility is expensive and can bore into savings and retirement funds if not planned for in advance.
    • A long-term, unfunded health event is often the biggest risk to a spending plan during retirement years.
  • Our service and product offerings for Long Term Care include:
    • Rate Discounts
    • Simplified Underwriting
    • LTC Educational Seminars
    • Traditional LTC policies
    • Hybrid LTC/Life policies
      • Limited payment terms
      • Build cash-value
      • Receive benefits at death, not only during LTC scenarios

For Executives and Business Owners

Our service offering tailored for business owners and executives is intended to address the full range of needs, including:

  • Financing and Launching your business
  • Employee Recruitment and Retention
  • Protecting your business
    • Key Employees
    • Overhead Expenses
    • Business Loan Protection
  • Business valuations
  • Other Considerations
    • Benefits Introduction for new employees and executives
    • Exit Strategies for departing employees and executives

Recommended Experts

For additional services, we can recommend experts in the following areas:

  • Tax Planning & Preparation Services
  • Contract Review
  • Realty Professionals
  • Mortgage Professionals